Restoration Hydramatics
Rebuilding classic auto transmissions like new.
Restoration Hydramatics
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Transmissions by Gene
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Salinas, CA 93901

About Us

My name is Gene Berck. I had been an employee of all five General Motors branches, one at a time, as a transmission man starting in 1966. I went into business rebuilding transmissions in 1973.

I rebuild all of the General Motors transmissions of '41 to '64 and Packard of '49 to '56, along with Ford, Chrysler, Kaiser, Fraser, Nash, Hudson, Rolls Royce and Bentley. I also overhaul the transmissions in the military APC units. They are a collectable, and are GM products of the forties using the GM Hydramatic transmission.

All of my repair work is done in approximately 14 days on receipt of the unit. All work carries a warranty of five years. We'll talk about shipping and payment at the time of inquiry.

Feel free to call and ask for me. We can help, and we look forward to working for you!

Thank you for your business consideration.
Transmissions by Gene.